See growth trends, count and size plants, generate precision maps, identify early indicators of plant stress. Get More Yield From Your Crops

Our Mission


Drone Ag Data can provide low altitude aerial scans for Precision Agriculture Management. This means our environment is safer, our team is protected, and our work is more effective.


We aim to help landowners increase profit margins by allowing them to cut costs on the front end. Also, Drone Ag Data is capable of providing the same aerial application without affecting the environment or crops with carbon emission


Using GPS and Terrain sensing technology our drones can provide the most precise coverage in the industry. So no matter if you are looking to scan 1000 acres through rolling hills or 1 acre tucked away on a flat plain, we make sure that we are on target every time.

Our Services

Drone Footage

We run our drone flight on your area like an agricultural firm. We make a virtual mapping with it and capture every inch of your area. We generate up to ultra 4k resolution videos

Data Collection

With the help of drone footage of your field we generate every kind of meta data. We start by using GPS maps to create an outline of your field. We automate our drone to fly a pattern over your filed to capture hundreds of high resolution images along with other meta data

Processing and Aggregation

We collect the raw data by flying a drone mission and then create 3D map of your field and analyze it for plant health algorithms which enables growers and agronomists to identify crop issues

Data Analysis With Reporting

We create layered NDVI maps and orthomosaic images to pinpoint problem areas using our analyzed data. We observe your field and report on any issues.


When you have the full analized report from us we can give you consulting supports to improve you environments

Technical support

We have drone technicians who can give you technical support for both operating and reporting sector

Why Choose Us?

We're About Quality and Trust

We are Experienced

We have 2 years of experience in the drone footage and reporting industry. We are FAA Section 107 UAS Licensed Pilot To Fly Commercially. Fully Insured up to $2 Million in Liability Insurance

Highly-Trained Staff

We have advance drone pilot and experienced technicians and analyzers

Affordable Prices

We have affordable packages according to your budgets.

Friendly Service

We value your time, money and your business We provide all the drone solutions you need including: Field Surveying and Analysis, 3D Modeling, Aerial Photography / Video, Custom mapping and Insurance Claims

With precision agriculture drone services growers can

  • Increase crop yields by monitoring multiple issues affecting plant health and growth.
  • Quickly find and address crop disease, infestation, or poor irrigation not seen in ground-level checks.
  • Analysis tools such as normalized differential vegetation indexing (NDVI) help you zero in, compare and adjust conditions to maximize yield.
  • Leverage topographical, thermal and spectral mapping to monitor and assess crop health faster with more precision over large land areas.
  • Perform soil & field analysis to assess moisture and fertility levels, identifying irrigation and nitrogen management actions needed to reduce waste. Plant more efficiently by gathering visual data that maps the terrain and collects information about the topography and soil.
  • Manage irrigation with a comprehensive and accurate lay of the land. Aerial photography makes it easy to identify slopes and drainage, and drones with thermal cameras can detect dry ground and wet ground, allowing you to adjust irrigation as needed.

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